5 Reasons why Insulating your Conservatory can benefit your whole house!

Insulate your Conservatory!


“Because, not only does it provide a wide range of benefits to that one living space, it can also benefit the rest of your house too!”

Let us tell you how…

  • It provides you with MORE living space

Extra living space is always a bonus! An insulated Conservatory is great as it allows you to transform it into anything that you (and your family) would like. Think about how a Home Gym could save you tons on Membership fees? A home office, to make your commute more enjoyable? Entertainment space for when your friends come over? A playroom for the children, or grandchildren? The possibilities are endless!

  • It helps to regulate the temperature

Insulating your Conservatory with Multifoil Insulation helps to regulate the temperature. And it also provides a quieter living space as it reduces the sounds of rain noise and outside traffic. Here’s how it works.. The Multifoil acts as a reflective barrier, so it will reflect heat from the inside back into your living space and will reflect the cold outside back away, making it warmer and cosier in the Winter. In the Summer it reflects excessive solar heat back away from your Conservatory, helping to maintain a cooler temperature in your Conservatory so that you can comfortably spend time in there.

  • It can add Financial Value to your home

Did you know that the average Conservatory adds around 5% to the overall value of your house, why not further increase that value by having our Conservaheat System installed?

  • It can help at the Point of Sale

Having a Conservatory will add great amounts of interest when it comes to the point of sale. An insulated Conservatory will WOW buyers even more as it will mean extra living space for them without the need to excessively heat it, already saving them money on costly energy bills. Extra living space in a home always lends a helpful hand in a quick sale (and at the asking price) as people won’t want to miss out.

  • Your home will become more Energy Efficient

Adding insulation can improve your homes energy efficiency. In the winter, you’ll find that you’ll require less of a heat source (whether it’s the central heating or space heater) to create a comfortable temperature in your living space, resulting in less money being spent on costly energy bills. More money saved means more activities you can spend money on with the family!

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