Common Conservatory problems… And how to SOLVE them!

“Let’s get a Conservatory!” – The words spoken by the eternal optimist that has fallen in love with the idea that this could be the perfect solution to all of your problems. Need more room for your Children to play? Extra entertainment space for when family and friends come over? A cosy haven for you and your favourite book? Or how about the best seat in the house for watching the sun rise and set, over your beautiful garden?

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? The trouble is that in reality, an uninsulated Conservatory can often sit dormant most of the year due to some very common problems… (Problems that can be solved, may we add!)

So, let us address some of those pesky Common Conservatory problems and show you ways in which the Conservaheat System could help you solve them!

Problem(s) #1 AND #2

First and foremost, the most common of problems that all of us Conservatory owners find, is the uncomfortable temperatures. An uninsulated Conservatory is simply TOO COLD in the Winter and TOO HOT in the Summer. This means that you may not spend as much time in your Conservatory as originally planned. Not ideal, right?

SOLUTION: The Conservaheat System contains a high performing, highly reflective multifoil insulation that helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in your Conservatory, all year round. In the Winter, the foil outer layer works to reflect heat back into your home rather than it escaping through the roof. This creates a warmer, cosier Conservatory throughout the cold Winter months. In the Summer, it works by reflecting excessive amounts of solar heat, back out into the atmosphere rather than it being absorbed into your Conservatory. This helps to prevent those uncomfortably high temperatures in there, so you can comfortably spend time in your Conservatory and peacefully enjoy the Summer.

Problem #3

Another massive issue that seems to dampen the hopes of enjoying your Conservatory, is Condensation. Out of nowhere, you’ll find it covering every pane of glass AND roof panel, causing damage to your blinds, upholstery and walls. It can also lead to mould and respiratory issues due to the damp air. Condensation is the worst.

SOLUTION: The Conservaheat Insulation is made up of layers of foil and wadding. But that’s not all, it also contains a high performing Vapour Control Layer. This is what helps to prevent the build-up of Condensation, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Problem #4

Picture this: The temperature in your Conservatory is just right, you’ve made a cup of tea and you’ve settled down with your favourite book… then it starts… the rain. Shattered are your plans for a quiet 10 minutes, instead you must endure the sound of the rain thudding down on your Conservatory roof. Better luck next time, you think. And if it’s not the rain spoiling your peace and quiet, its other outside noises like traffic, machinery and road works.

SOLUTION: Now, we’re not saying that we can silence these external noises, but the Conservaheat System does hold acoustic properties… So, it can certainly provide you with a quieter living space, allowing you to happily enjoy your favourite hobbies.

So, the next step is up to you… Continue to see these common problems, as, well, problems… OR decide to see them as an exciting opportunity to improve your living space.

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