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Statistics say that a massive 60% of people with Conservatories in their home, do not use them as much as they would like to. We’d like to help you change that!

So, our question to you is… Do you spend as much time in your Conservatory as you’d like? While they are a great addition to your home, they can often become unused for a large percentage of the year due to fluctuating temperatures.

In the Winter, it can be quite challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature in your Conservatory without a costly energy bill. They can also be considered too noisy to relax in with the sounds of rain and outside traffic.

With the Winter months being quite difficult to enjoy your Conservatory, the Summer will be easier, right? …Unfortunately not!

Summer is here, the sun is shining and you’re looking forward to spending time in your Conservatory.. The problem you have now is that it is just too hot. Conservatories can quickly overheat, making them uncomfortable to sit in during hot spells. Due to Sun glare beaming through the roof, you may find it extremely difficult to read a book or watch TV.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way! We know that there is an easy and cost effective way to combat these common problems… INSULATING!

Adding a Conservatory to your home allows your creative style to go wild as there are endless possibilities in which you could transform your living space. So, by Insulating your Conservatory with a Multifoil Insulation, you’re not only going to have an extra living space that maintains a comfortable temperature all year round… But also, the opportunity to transform it into anything your home needs, for example a Home Office, Home Gym, Cinema/TV room, Extra Lounge Space, Art Room, Children’s Playroom, Indoor Swimming Pool?

MultiFoil Insulation works by reflecting excess heat away from your home in the Summer, instead of it being amplified into your room. It also offers protection from Sun glare which will allow you to easily read a book or watch TV (and it’ll protect your furniture from sun bleaching too). In the Winter, it works by reflecting heat back inside, preventing heat from escaping through your Conservatory roof. This will ultimately help you to save on costly energy bills as it will keep your room warmer for longer.

And not only do Conservatories look great, but they can also add financial value to your home too.

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Below you’ll find some Conservatory transformations, sent to us by our lovely customers.