Heat Loss in your Conservatory & How to Combat it…

Did you know, a MASSIVE 80% of heat enters and leaves, through your Conservatory Roof?

That is a very high percentage, and something that we would very much like to help you change!

We’re here to explain exactly how that heat transfers and how you can combat it.

How can you prevent as much heat transfer through your Conservatory?

The Conservaheat System for the Conservatory Roof

The Conservaheat Complete Insulation System works as a solid thermal barrier between you and the great outdoors. The System consist of Conservaheat Insulation, which is then fitted with white UPVC tongue and groove panels. The Insulation is made up of foil, wadding, a built-in Vapour Control Layer and True Aluminium Outer Layers. It works by reflecting heat the direction to suit the season. In the Winter, you work so hard trying to generate heat inside your Conservatory and it just seems to just go up and out… With the Conservaheat System, the insulation works to reflect that heat back into your living space to create a cosier space for you to enjoy. In the Summer, you may tend to avoid your Conservatory due to the unbearable temperature it reaches when the sun is beaming down, the insulation will reflect excessive solar heat away from your Conservatory before it can be absorbed through the roof and add to the internal temperature, creating a cooler Conservatory for you to enjoy your Summer gatherings.

ThermaFrost Window Tint for the Windows

If you were looking for a way to enhance the thermal performance of your Conservatory Windows, this is the solution for you. ThermaFrost Window Tint works to block UV Rays from entering through the glass, thus helping to maintain the temperature inside your Conservatory, whether it’s warm in the Winter or cool in the Summer. Due to its frosted appearance, it also provides you with extra privacy, too.

There are a number of ways that you can reduce heat loss in your Conservatory, but these two are our favourite!

Interested in how the Conservaheat System could transform your Conservatory?

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