How can I make my Conservatory more Energy Efficient?

Firstly, what is Energy Efficiency? It is the aim to reduce the amount of energy that we use to provide products and services and to reduce the effects of air pollution.

Due to the current climate, mastering the art of an Energy Efficient home is an increasing priority to homeowners. So, let’s talk about how you can make your Conservatory, more energy efficient and positively contribute towards a healthier planet.

Why is my Conservatory too cold in the Winter and too hot in the Summer?

If you have an uninsulated Conservatory, that has a Glass or Polycarbonate roof, this is likely the main cause of your temperature related issues. Neither of these materials are particularly good for insulating, as they provide little to no thermal protection from the Sun’s UV Rays.

In the Winter, heat that you manage to generate in your Conservatory (from cranking your heating to max or from a space heater that you’ve had to buy, just for your Conservatory) will inevitably rise and be lost through the Glass or Polycarbonate roof.

In the Summer, an uninsulated roof will allow the Sun’s UV Rays to enter your Conservatory, absorbing all of the excessive solar heat that comes with it. This is what creates the unbearable temperatures in there. And if that wasn’t enough to cause concern, the Sun’s UV Rays can also be harmful to certain skin conditions, and they can play a major role in causing your furniture, upholstery and flooring to fade in colour.

How can I reduce Heat Loss in my Conservatory?

Quite simply, insulating.We highly recommend insulating with the Conservaheat System.

The Conservaheat System will boost the thermal efficiency of your Conservatory, providing you with a reliable solution to combat overheating in the Summer and helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in the Winter. It has been specifically designed by Insulation Experts to provide a Bespoke insulation system to instantly transform your Conservatory into a useable room, all year round.

Conservaheat Insulation is a high performing, 6 Layer Multifoil blanket which has True Aluminium foil on its outer layers. It is a proven Energy Saving product (meaning you’ll only pay 5% VAT.. Bonus!) that works by reflecting up to 98% of radiant energy both to and from your Conservatory, depending on the time of year.

How can the Conservaheat System improve my Energy Efficiency?

Well, as we’ve already mentioned, the Conservaheat System is a proven Energy Saving product, so that already shows that you’re onto a winner. The System is made up of Conservaheat Insulation – which has been specifically designed for Conservatories by Insulation Experts, UPVC tongue and groove panels, ceiling strips and caps for a flawless finish. These materials are installed to the inside of your Conservatory Roof, which creates a high performing, thermal barrier between you and the great outdoors. Did you know, that almost 80% of heat enters and escapes through your conservatory roof?

WITHOUT the Conservaheat System…

In the Summer, when the sun is beaming down, you may find it difficult to spend time in your Conservatory due to the unbearably high temperatures. To combat the issue of heat, you could buy a standing or desk top fan to keep in there, however these aren’t always the most powerful and can sometimes feel like they are just circulating the warm air back into your space. Another common issue within Conservatories is the brightness from the Sun glare that comes through the roof. This can make watching TV, looking at your phone or reading a book very difficult, resulting in massive strain being put on your eyes. When using a device, there aren’t many ways to eliminate this issue, other than by turning up the brightness to the max, but we all know how quickly this will drain your battery. Drained battery means that your devices will actually spend a lot of their time on charge, which isn’t ideal when trying to keep your energy bills to a minimum.

In the Winter, it can often be too uncomfortable to spend time in your Conservatory due to the chilly temperatures that it can plummet to. This often means that to spend even the smallest amount of time in there, you’ll have to crank your heating up to the max OR you’d have to purchase a pricey space heater just to get some warm air flowing through.

Although these solutions will minimise the issues in the immediate short-term, they will also create another issue… They will use a lot of energy, so not only may your energy bills skyrocket, it also has a negative impact on the planet too. You see, the more energy we use, the more fossil fuels are being burnt, resulting in Carbon Dioxide being released into the atmosphere and trapping heat in, making this the primary contributor to Global Warming & Climate Change.

WITH the Conservaheat System

We are confident that this System will help to significantly reduce, if not eliminate all of these issues, so that you can enjoy your Conservatory, as you’d originally planned. Your Summer days and evenings will be a lot cooler, your Winter days and evenings will be a lot cosier AND you’ll start to see instant savings on your energy bills. That’s what all of us Conservatory owners dream about, right?!

Should I replace my Conservatory Roof?

Of course you can consider replacing your Conservatory Roof for a New Tiled Roof… (if you want to pay around double the price of insulating). But there really is no need to replace your existing roof, if you get the Conservaheat System fitted.

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