How the Conservaheat System can keep you warm this Winter…

As Winter is quickly approaching, we’ve noticed that the temperature outside is starting to drop…

Inside, you go about your day as usual, trying to spend time in your Conservatory, but the temperature in there is close to Antarctica’s and not even the space heater will keep the icicles off your nose for too long.

Does this mean you’ll have to lock the doors (to your favourite place in the house) until next Summer? …It absolutely does not!

It’s time to ditch the mound of blankets you find yourself under, the useless space heater, and to start looking for more of a long-term solution.

We want to help you enjoy your favourite things in life, all year round, come rain or shine.

So, to make the most of your extra living space… you need a Conservatory that helps to regulate the temperature, preventing freezing cold spells in the Winter and boiling hot temperatures in the Summer. You could also do with a Conservatory Roof that helps to block UV Rays from coming in during the daylight hours, this can provide protection for certain skin conditions, it also protects your furniture upholstery too. AND what would make it even better, is if it had a positive impact on the planet AND if it could save you money on costly energy bills!

Do you see where we’re going with this? Is this solution starting to sound familiar?

You guessed it! The answer to all your temperature related concerns, will always be

The Conservaheat System!

Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer, protection from the Sun’s harmful UV Rays, acoustic properties, an additional room in your home that you and your family can transform into anything you need … What more could you ask for? And all in just one insulation solution?

Let us tell you more about it!

Improves Temperature Regulation – Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer

The Conservaheat System consists of high performing reflective multifoil insulation which is great for creating an ambient temperature inside your Conservatory. It has been designed to reflect up to 98% of radiant energy in the direction that suits the season. For example, in the Winter it works by reflecting warm air that you’ve generated inside back into your Conservatory rather than it evaporating through the roof. Whereas in the Summer, it works by reflecting excessive solar energy back into the atmosphere, rather than being absorbed inside the Conservatory and unbearably increasing the temperature.

Protects against harmful UV Rays

With an uninsulated Conservatory roof, the sun’s harmful UV Rays have no problem with beaming straight through and causing sun glare, faded upholstery and potential harm to certain skin conditions. With the Conservaheat System installation, the fitters will fit a Window Tint (if you have a glass roof), the multifoil insulation is then installed and finished with UPVC tongue and groove panels, thus creating a barrier that UV Rays aren’t able to pass through.

Proven Energy Saving Product

The Conservaheat System is a Proven Energy Saving product, meaning you’ll only pay 5% VAT and that it can also have a positive effect towards combatting Climate Change. So, as you’ve learnt so far… insulation works by keeping heat inside of your home, this creates a comfortable temperature in your living space, minimising the need for excessive energy use. By reducing the energy we use, we reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burnt. This ultimately results in the reduction of carbon being released into the atmosphere. Not only will you have a warmer, more energy efficient home, you’ll also have a positive impact on the planet, too!

Helps to save you money long-term

With the Conservaheat System keeping the heat generated inside your Conservatory, you’ll find yourself less likely to crank the heating to the max, or to have the space heater on for hours, which will help you to save money on those costly energy bills. During its lifespan, the insulation will pay for itself over and over again which is a real saving.

As previously mentioned, the UPVC panels create a barrier that the sun’s UV Rays cannot pass through, which will protect your furniture upholstery from sun bleaching.

And another way to look at it, is that you now have a room you can use all year round… If you transformed this space into a home Gym, you’d save money on the membership fee and classes. Or how about a home office? This would eliminate the cost of your commute or the rent you currently pay for your workspace?

This insulation system will also improve your homes energy efficiency, which could add financial value to your home at the point of sale.

Provides you with a Quieter Living Space

This insulation system reduces traffic and outside noise due to its acoustic properties, which results in a quieter living space for you.

An additional room for you and your family to transform

An insulated Conservatory provides you with a whole new adventure. Always wanted extra social space, home cinema, office space, home gym, space for your hobbies? Now’s your chance! This insulation system will create an ambient temperature in your conservatory all year round… this means an additional, comfortable space for you to enjoy, 12 months of the year!

Light & Bright Living Space

The UPVC tongue and groove panels are a bright white, which allows natural light that enters through the windows to reflect amongst the panels, providing you with a bright and peaceful living space.

With all that in mind, how about receiving your FREE Bespoke Quotation TODAY?

You’re only a couple of clicks away from being toasty warm in your Conservatory, this Winter.