READ HOW: An Insulated Conservatory can add financial value to your home

DID YOU KNOW? Having a Conservatory installed can add around 7% financial value to your home? Maybe an even higher percentage if it’s insulated!


  • You’re adding an additional living space to your home

Firstly, the most obvious reason is that you’re adding an additional living space to your home. Insulating this space with the Conservaheat System will ensure that all year round, you will have a fully useable room that maintains a comfortable temperature. This extra living space is somewhere for you and your family to get creative with.

Pssst.. We’ve heard that what you transform your Conservatory into can sometimes vary in financial value, with kitchen diners, children’s playroom or extra entertainment space being the most sought after. *But obviously, check with your local estate agent on what is in highest demand in your area.

  • Increases Garden appeal to potential buyers

Installing a well designed and constructed Conservatory will add great amounts of interest when it comes to the point of sale. Having an insulated Conservatory will interest potential buyers even more as it means extra living space for them, minus the common Conservatory struggle of trying to create a comfortable temperature in there, already saving them money on costly energy bills. Extra living space in a home always lends a helpful hand in a quick sale (and at the asking price) as people won’t want to miss out.

  • An insulated Conservatory can improve your home’s energy efficiency

Adding a Conservatory can obviously add value to your home, adding an insulated Conservatory can add value to your home AND it can improve your homes energy efficiency too. In the Winter, we all know how cold a Conservatory can become, meaning that you’ll have to crank up the heating or space heater to the max just to spend time in there. Conservaheat Insulation is designed to reduce this issue as it works by reflecting heat back into your Conservatory, using its True Aluminium Outer Layers. This in turn means that you’ll find you’re less likely to reach for the thermostat, which will not only help lower those costly energy bills but also reduces the amount of energy that you use. Using less energy = less fossil fuels being burnt. Less fossil fuels being burnt = less carbon being released into the atmosphere (this is a massive contributing factor to Climate Change). So, the less energy that you use in your Conservatory, the more positive an impact you’ll have on the planet.

So, as you can see, there are several ways that a Conservatory can add financial value to your home.

What are you waiting for? Get yourselves an insulated Conservatory today!

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*If you’re looking to find out if a Conservatory will add value to your home, speak to your local estate agents which will have a gold mine of information, regarding similar properties with Conservatories.