What you need to know about the Conservaheat System…

The Conservaheat System is an Insulation solution that works to create an ambient temperature in your Conservatory. This means that it will be Warmer in the Winter and Cooler in the Summer, all whilst reducing outside noise and helping to eliminate condensation. The material consists of layers of wadding and foil, which is cased in True Aluminium Outer layers.

It’s high performing, highly reflective true aluminium outer layers work by reflecting excessive heat and solar energy in the direction to suit the season. For example, in the Winter, the heat that you generate inside your Conservatory will bounce back inside, rather than escaping through the roof. In the Summer, harmful UV Rays will be reflected back into the atmosphere, rather than being absorbed through the roof and into your Conservatory. The insulation also contains a high performing Vapour Control layer which is what helps to eliminate condensation.

The Conservaheat System is made exclusively for us and has been designed by insulation experts, specifically for a conservatory roof, meaning it is the only insulation of its kind on the market.

The benefits don’t stop there!

The Conservaheat System also:

  • Improves temperature regulation – Warmer in Winter & Cooler in Summer
  • Provides you with an additional living space, that you can use all year round!
  • It can improve your homes energy efficiency, due to less energy consumption. Shhhh, did you hear that? I think I just heard the earth sigh with relief.
  • It can save you money on costly energy bills
  • It is a proven Energy Saving product

And they don’t stop there either!

DID YOU KNOW that because the Conservaheat System is a proven Energy Saving product, you only pay 5% VAT!

And don’t panic, there’s no need to get a headache over the installation, we operate with a fully qualified professional team that will measure up your Conservatory and install the insulation system for you (in a covid-safe manner). The installation is usually complete within 1 day.

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This solution comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. All components are fully tested to BBA Standards, including fire rating, wind, driven snow and rain or water absorption.