Conservaheat System vs. a full new tiled roof..

So, you’re asking the question.. “Should I insulate the Conservatory Roof? Or should I get a fully tiled roof?”

Let us tell you perks of each..

By insulating your Conservatory with the exclusive Conservaheat System, you will have a fully useable room in your home that maintains a comfortable temperature, all year round.

It also provides you with the potential to transform your Conservatory into another room. You could create a Home Office? Extra Lounge Space? Home Gym? Children’s Playroom? Insulating can offer you endless possibilities (and at around half the price too!)

This unique, proven solution reflects up to 98% of excessive radiant heat away from your Conservatory in the summer, making it much cooler. In the winter, it reflects the same amount of heat back into your home making it much warmer. This insulation also has great acoustic properties, meaning that outside noise like rain and traffic will be greatly reduced. The Conservaheat System is the only insulation on the market designed specifically for conservatories by insulation experts.

When you have the Conservaheat System installed, you will instantly begin to start making savings on costly energy bills. This is because you will now have a lot LESS heat evaporating through your Conservatory Roof, eliminating the need to crank up the heating to the max whenever you want to spend time in there. Nor will you have the unnecessary cost of purchasing a space heater, or the expensive electricity bill that comes with running it.

The most obvious benefit of Insulating vs new fully tiled roof is the cost! If you’re thinking about installing a new fully tiled roof, make sure you take the price into consideration. Prices for a new roof will start from around £7500.

A benefit to installing a new fully tiled Conservatory Roof is that you could use similar materials to the existing exterior of your home so that it blends in, giving it an aesthetically pleasing finish from the outside. Other than that, both insulating and a new fully tiled roof offer very similar benefits with the only real difference being the price and outer appearance.

Oh, and don’t worry! As part of the Conservaheat System installation, a conservatory tint is applied, so you’ll not see any reflective insulation showing through the roof of your Conservatory.

We hope this has helped to answer your question!

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