How the Conservaheat System works & how it can add value to your home…

Let’s talk about how the Conservaheat System works and the many ways that it can add value to your home..

Conservaheat Conservatory Insulation is a high performing True Aluminium multi-layered blanket that has been designed by experts to keep your conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This insulation is suitable for any conservatory roof style and will allow you to create an additional room in your home that you can use all year round!

How it works…

This specialist insulation has been designed to reflect 98% of radiant energy, making your conservatory much warmer in winter by reflecting heat back inside and reflecting excessive solar heat away in the summer. Installing Conservaheat means that you can enjoy a Conservatory that you can use, all year round.

In the Summer, the Conservaheat will reflect excess solar heat away from your conservatory, rather than it being amplified back inside. It also offers protection from sunlight glare which can fade your conservatory furniture.

In the Winter, Conservaheat helps to prevent heat from escaping through your conservatory roof by reflecting it back into your living space. This also means that it helps to keep the room warmer for longer which ultimately saves on costly energy bills.

Not only does this high-performing insulation have a great reflective percentage, it also contains a Built-In Vapour Control Layer which results in less chance of condensation.

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How it can add Value to your home…

Installing the Conservaheat System comes with many benefits and can add a massive amount of value to your home. Did you know that the average conservatory adds around 5% to the overall value of your home?  With that in mind, why not further increase the value by having our Conservaheat System installed in your Conservatory?

By doing this, you will now have a fully useable room that maintains a comfortable temperature, all year round. Have you always wanted the opportunity to create your own Home Office? Extra Lounge Space? Home Gym? Children’s Playroom?  Well, now you can! Using the Conservaheat System can offer you SO MANY possibilities to transform your home.

Not only that, with Conservaheat’s True Aluminium Outer Layers reflecting 98% of radiant energy, you’ll start to make instant savings on costly energy bills. Ready for a quieter living space? The acoustic properties in this Insulation System means that outside noise, like rain and traffic are greatly reduced.

Whatever you decide to use your conservatory for, the Conservaheat System will provide extra value to your home!

The Conservaheat System is an exclusive product, installed by the professionals, so you can be assured that you will receive a good quality installation. Our professionally trained specialists have installed in over 20,000 conservatories in the UK. It comes with a 10 year backed guarantee AND you only pay 5% VAT.

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