The Conservaheat System Installation Process…

As you can see, we absolutely love the Conservaheat Insulation System – we just can’t stop talking about it! So, we thought we’d put together this useful blog to show you how it would actually be installed into your Conservatory.

First, our team will arrive at the agreed time. If required, we will measure and fit our specialist tint to the inside of your Conservatory Roof, as you can see in the image below.

The professional installation team will measure each individual roof panel and cut the material to size onsite, ensuring a bespoke quality finish. Once the roof pieces are ready, a sub-frame of pressure treated tanalised wood will be fixed to your existing conservatory roof structure.

Now for the exclusively unique part! …Once the wooden sub-frame is securely in place, our Conservaheat True Aluminium Foil Quilt System will be installed. This is a bespoke quilting system specifically designed for Conservatories and is ONLY available through Conservatory Insulations, so you’ll not find it anywhere else!

A second wooden frame will then be fixed to the foil quilt system.

Once the battens and Conservaheat Insulation is fully fitted, we will finish the application by installing the UPVC tongue and groove panels, ceiling strips and caps for a flawless, easily maintainable insulated Conservatory ceiling.

Ta-Dah, the installation is finished! Our installation team will now clean the Conservatory and remove all of their materials, so you can start enjoying your new Insulation System, straight away!

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*During the Pandemic, our specialist team will fog your Conservatory with an anti-viral mist on arrival and departure to ensure the environment is safe for both yourselves and our team.